Kenmare Cafe 60 at Dave's Place

The Kenmare Cafe 60 Program is being Provided by Kenmare Wheels and Meals for residents aged 60 or older in the Northwest Region of North Dakota. These Participants will enjoy delicious meals and have an opportunity to socialize at an area restaurany by making meal selections from nutritional balanced menus.

Who is Eligible? 

One must be 60 years of age or older and have a Voucher to present to the participating Restaurant.

What is the Individual Cost ?

The Suggested Donation is $4.00 per voucher (meal). The voucher does not include gratuity.

What Does the Meal Include ?

Participants can choose frrom any available option on the Kenmare Cafe 60 menu that includes the following dietary components: Protein, Starch, vegetable, Fruit, and Dairy

For More Information contact Kenmare Wheels and Meals @ 701-385-4364 or Kwheelsmeals@outlook.com

Kenmare Cafe 60 Menu Click HERE